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Dr. Les Campbell & Dr. Yuli Berlin-Broner are Endodontists in Edmonton, and welcome you to Simply Endo!

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Excellence in Endodontics.

Compassionate in care.

New Patients

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Referring Doctors

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Welcome to Simply Endo

Dr. Les Campbell is an experienced clinician who is a nationally board-certified Endodontist. Dr. Campbell and his team strive to achieve their mission statement every day, which is Excellence in Endodontics, Compassionate in Care. Simply Endo is a team of endodontists in Edmonton who are proud to provide the highest level of endodontic care, while at the same time providing that care with kindness and concern.

What to expect on your first visit

When you are referred to our office, we will warmly welcome you to make sure you are comfortable. We may need some imaging of your teeth along with a dental exam to help determine what your needs may be. Dr. Campbell will go over all of the information with you in plain and easy to understand language so you can be informed about your oral health before making any decisions.

Dr. Les Campbell

A word from
Dr. Les Campbell

I promise to listen carefully to your concerns. I will explain in layman’s terms what your endodontic condition may be so that you can be an equal partner in determining what your needs are.

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